We use data tools to inform story development, optimize production, and connect your audiences to the content they want – wherever they are.


ROI Defined Upfront

We dig deep with our clients from the outset on defined ROI, whether the goals are raised awareness, quality views, engagement, qualified leads, direct sales, or other results. We build, measure, and evolve custom solutions to achieve the specified goals.

Data Driven Insights

Audience Analysis +
Business Problem =
Actionable Insight

Content Development & Production

State of the Art Creators +
World-Class Production Capabilities =
Real-Time and Evergreen Multi-Use

Premium Content

Distribution Of Content

Data + Content +
Partners + ROI Model =
Content with an Endgame

Contend's Distribution Network
And anywhere your content is relevant and can be discovered
anywhere your content is relevant

Results & Metrics

For every campaign, Contend collaborates with our partners to track the metrics defined in the upfront ROI part of our approach. We focus on the impact and success of our efforts to ensure that we deliver results with concrete data and ongoing optimization.