Fire on the Hill – Trailer

The story of the Compton Cowboys and their fight to keep their dying culture alive.

Cowboys in Compton Changing Lives

Fire on the Hill is a feature length documentary that reveals the underground culture of the Compton Cowboys whose origins trace back to California's Old West. Today, the last remaining Compton Cowboys are struggling to maintain their dying culture that has served as a refuge from gang life in the often hostile streets of South Central LA.

Decades of crime, industrialization, and development have squeezed out most of the cowboys, turning their open landscape into an urban wasteland. But in 2012, it took a turn for the worse when their stable, known as the Hill, mysteriously burned to the ground. Now without a home, only a few dozen Compton Cowboys remain today.

Fire on the Hill tells the personal story of these last cowboys, their culture, and how for them, Compton is the final battleground between the Old West and the impinging modern world.

A Contend Original Film